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The governments of Canada and Ontario are making significant investments in early learning and child-care systems so that each and every child has the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential. Read More


  • Five Easy Steps to Choose Good Child Care! Learn more here.

  • Interesting article regarding near sightedness issue developing more often with young children. At Sprouts , we take children outside regularly. We limit the use of computer to short periods of time for the preschoolers and not at all with younger children Read the article here.

  • Being apart from Mom and Dad can be tough when you are two or three years old. Watch what can you do to ease the transition for your little one.

  • Play is important and that's why we do lots of intentional play here at the centre. Here's a write up on why learning can help developed an understanding on how things work and more.

  • Children are active, want to exert independence, and are always curious. However, they may not understand the meaning of these words: hazard, danger, and pain. Here is a helpful site for you to guide you through the many ways to create a safer home for your child 0-36 months of age


  • A simple guide from UK, to learn the developmental stages for children from birth to 5 years old. It also illustrates pointers on how children are learning and what you can do to help them grow in all areas. Click here to read the article.

  • Exercise benefits brain power in children. An article from New York Times.

  • American pediatricians say read to your baby everyday. What do you think?

  • Learn about the importance of reading to your child - babies and older children alike.

  • Baby Center: a great resource for parents of all children from pre-natal to kindergarten age.

  • You have heard all about "play based learning", click this link to learn more about the benefits of play and how you can help your child in their growth and development.

  • Brain development information for children 9-12 months.

Potty Training

  • Parenting news on the go. An app for your phone or tablet. Includes personalized information, specific to your child’s age or your stage of pregnancy, Nap Tracker, Feeding Log and more within the app.

  • For potty training tips and tricks check out this parents method.

  • For expert answers to common potty training FAQ's check out this resource.

Tip for Success

Watch this 3 minute video, highlighting the FOUR most important things parents can do to improve children's chances for success at school



What Our Customers Have to Say

I have been at Sprouts Child Care for 3 years. The experience has been great! Wonderful staff who care and respect the children. I would recommend this centre to all families looking for a great reliable child care.

Amber,School age parent