Knowing what your child has been up to or what is happening at the centre which might be affecting them is vital for parents to feel informed and connected. 

Everyday you will find a “what we did today” posting near the door of your child’s classroom so that, if you like, you can have a conversation with them about the happenings of the day.  

Feel free to call us whenever you have an inquiry or feel the need to check in on your child – whether they are new to the centre, have just gotten over an illness or something a little unusual is happening in their lives which may be affecting them, sometimes you just need to check in – and that’s o.k.

We will also be setting up an e-mail list to enable us to send group messages when applicable. If you have not supplied us with your e-mail address please drop it in to the office at your earliest convenience. 

We will also keep you informed through:

  • Nipissing Developmental screens for your child

  • Annual parent/teacher interviews

  • Report cards - for the kindergarten age children, at the end of June

Of course, feel free to check in with your child’s teacher or our centre director whenever you have the time – we love to hear from you and are glad to share information about your child.



What Our Customers Have to Say

I have been at Sprouts Child Care for 3 years. The experience has been great! Wonderful staff who care and respect the children. I would recommend this centre to all families looking for a great reliable child care.

Amber,School age parent